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  • Atmos: photo TUMULT (Author: Ossiane)TUMULTswell getting rough
    storm raging
    wave of mist
  • Atmos: photo CALMING (Author: Ossiane)CALMINGinner sea
    wave out of steam
    no more breath
  • Atmos: photo RELIEF (Author: Ossiane)RELIEFinner sea
    wave out of steam
    no more breath
  • Atmos: photo EVANESCENCE (Author: Ossiane)EVANESCENCEfleeting
    vaporous melody
  • Atmos: photo PERCEPTION (Author: Ossiane)PERCEPTIONelusive
    vague and misty
  • Atmos: photo BREATH (Author: Ossiane)BREATHblue zephyr
    enamel of light
    duet of infinite
  • Atmos: photo FUSION (Author: Ossiane)FUSIONyour skin iridescent
    your scarf in the wind
    my soul entwined
  • Atmos: photo SENSATION (Author: Ossiane)SENSATIONa touch of light
    a square of pearl grey
    a breath of infinite
  • Atmos: photo OCEAN (Author: Ossiane)OCEANswimming in the azure
    emerald and blue of infinity
    I am the wave
  • Atmos: photo HEAVINESS (Author: Ossiane)HEAVINESSislands nestled
    clouds building up
    sun confused
  • Atmos: photo PARTITION (Author: Ossiane)PARTITIONthree by three
    sky making scales
    white and blue
  • Atmos: photo REVERIE (Author: Ossiane)REVERIEtrain veil
    when angels travel
  • Atmos: photo UNION (Author: Ossiane)UNIONrain clouds
    sky and water melting each other
    murmur of the ocean
  • Atmos: photo PLUMES (Author: Ossiane)PLUMESwild
    split of land stretching myself
    east to west
  • Atmos: photo FACE DOWN (Author: Ossiane)FACE DOWNmid air mid water
    stretched out on the earth
    your body waving
  • Atmos: photo MAGMA (Author: Ossiane)MAGMAbreath
    plume of life
    above the volcano
  • Atmos: photo FACE TO FACE (Author: Ossiane)FACE TO FACEblack wall
    may drops of foam
    flood you with whiteness
  • Atmos: photo DISTANT (Author: Ossiane)DISTANTmist of dreams
    curve of impulse
    waves of hopes
  • Atmos: photo WATER JADE (Author: Ossiane)WATER JADEmy heart sparkling
    when you shine on my sides
  • Atmos: photo HORIZON (Author: Ossiane)HORIZONwind dancing
    clouds floating
    water of paradise
  • Atmos: photo AT MY FEET (Author: Ossiane)AT MY FEETa wave
    a moment of levity
    a dream
  • Atmos: photo IMMERSION (Author: Ossiane)IMMERSIONsky tearing
    clouds dissolving
    gaze drowning
  • Atmos: photo REJUVENATION (Author: Ossiane)REJUVENATIONdeep in my heart
    an emerald breath
    irrigated soul
  • Atmos: photo BOUNDARY (Author: Ossiane)BOUNDARYblack island
    soul suddenly illuminated
    on the edge of the world
  • Atmos: photo AUDACITY (Author: Ossiane)AUDACITYisland of fire
    a flash of vanity
    before night
  • Atmos: photo RAY (Author: Ossiane)RAYstormy night
    island of thousand suns
    after rain
  • Atmos: photo CELESTIAL (Author: Ossiane)CELESTIALnight of ink
    veil tearing
    divine light
  • Atmos: photo BEYOND (Author: Ossiane)BEYONDyour violet waters
    your sugarloaf shapes
    mystical island
  • Atmos: photo CAPE (Author: Ossiane)CAPEsailing dreams
    braving immensity
    road of night
  • Atmos: photo WATERCOLOUR (Author: Ossiane)WATERCOLOURblue wash tint
    india ink dream
    water of night
  • Atmos: photo CREATION (Author: Ossiane)CREATIONthe great white bird
    expire your light
    land of shadow
  • Atmos: photo MIST LAKE (Author: Ossiane)MIST LAKEmisty shroud
    carbon mountain
    night fading
  • Atmos: photo LIAISON (Author: Ossiane)LIAISONlost in the mist
    listening to the volcano
    cloud tree
  • Atmos: photo VOLCANO (Author: Ossiane)VOLCANOfumaroles
    it's been sleeping so long
    red carpet
  • Atmos: photo SERENITY (Author: Ossiane)SERENITYmilk of dreams
    nestled in your setting
    sleep in peace
  • Atmos: photo PEACE (Author: Ossiane)PEACEintoxication of silence
    gray as the rain
    green as the wave
  • Atmos: photo STORM (Author: Ossiane)STORMray of night
    clouds bursting
    rain infinite
  • Atmos: photo CARESS (Author: Ossiane)CARESSyou filled with wadding
    you bathed in blue
    soft rains
  • Atmos: photo NIGHT (Author: Ossiane)NIGHTyou filled with wadding
    you bathed in blue
    soft rains

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