I am not made of fire but made of air, water and earth...
I love art, travelling, poetry, beauty of the world and life.
I love landscapes, clouds, mist, waves and trees.
I love nature in which I was born.

I am a contemplative and meditative person.
My photography is atmospheric, oceanic and timeless. It shows the beauty and the immensity of the world, the fragile balance on which mankind survives, our vulnerability, our humbleness facing the sovereign nature and our ephemeral passage.

I am searching for water, space, beauty, shadow and light in the Northern and Western lands. Shadow and light are essential to me because these two inseparable sisters reveal both our inner gardens and the outside world in a new way.

My photographic universe is the mirror of human soul in its complexity, harshness and tenderness, a little bit like with the romantics. My worlds are inner worlds into which I project myself intensely during moments of happiness, doubt, or sadness. I love them to be full of grey or colored tones. I like when they reveal love, beauty, lightness, sweetness, and simplicity.

My photographs are followed by a little poem of three verses called a haiku. This poem matches with the instant pure emotion experienced when taking a photo. It shows the substance of an instant, the essence of a moment. Poetry is an important part of my work through the words I use and the atmosphere I reveal in my photographs.

I offer an open look over the world through the association of words and images ... I like playing with ambiguity. I leave some mystery to make dream, open the soul and senses, give way to imagination, magic and emotion. So, each one can enter my images the way he likes.

Before choosing photography to express myself, I practiced painting and drawing for a few years. This experience remains engraved within me: I think about painting, material, texture, shadow and light when I take photographs. My camera becomes a paintbrush; I build my images as if I was filling a canvas.

I work through series and links. One image brings another one, a little bit like in a long continuous imaginary trip in the stream of life or like with the interlacing branches of my trees. Water is one of my favorite subjects; it goes through me like an endless spring.

My images are the result of a long intelectual and artistic journey that I continue tirelessly and passionately. This inner quest made of creation and spirituality has become essential to me to live in harmony with the world around me.


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