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  • Ocean: photo DOMINATION (Author: Ossiane)DOMINATIONwandering
    cape of good hope
  • Ocean: photo SANCTUARY (Author: Ossiane)SANCTUARYland of asylum
    jagged shore
    insane dancing
  • Ocean: photo COLONY (Author: Ossiane)COLONYvirgin land
    sanctuary of the great white birds
    gannet island
  • Ocean: photo FRACTURE (Author: Ossiane)FRACTUREwhite streams
    travelling foam
  • Ocean: photo RIDGE (Author: Ossiane)RIDGEblack rock
    above the crater
    confident eyes
  • Ocean: photo GLIMMERS (Author: Ossiane)GLIMMERSland of shadows
    wide open bowels
    tale of the Moon
  • Ocean: photo MOOR (Author: Ossiane)MOORsolar wind
    last rays in the grass
  • Ocean: photo JETTY (Author: Ossiane)JETTYcircle of silence
    the sea mark braves the sky
    Hoop of fire
  • Ocean: photo JENNETS (Author: Ossiane)JENNETSblonde moor
    wild land in the summer wind
    glittering sea
  • Ocean: photo ESTUARY (Author: Ossiane)ESTUARYrustle of wings
    the dull blue of your meanders
    soft umber
  • Ocean: photo FISHERMAN (Author: Ossiane)FISHERMANstanding
    on the curve of waves
    star picker
  • Ocean: photo TEMPTATION (Author: Ossiane)TEMPTATIONbright horizon
    facing the ocean
    dream of leaving
  • Ocean: photo FLAKES (Author: Ossiane)FLAKESquilts flying
    caravan passing
    nomadic tribe
  • Ocean: photo ELSEWHERE (Author: Ossiane)ELSEWHEREhead in the clouds
    the eyes of two angels
    to the end of the world
  • Ocean: photo PATIENCE (Author: Ossiane)PATIENCEcapes to cross
    light of dawn
    foam of life
  • Ocean: photo UNION (Author: Ossiane)UNIONrain clouds
    sky and water melting each other
    murmur of the ocean
  • Ocean: photo DOT OF THE WHOLE (Author: Ossiane)DOT OF THE WHOLEspace ocean
    wave of loneliness
    song of silence
  • Ocean: photo WILL (Author: Ossiane)WILLkneeling or standing
    embrace the infinite
    with your eyes

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