• Sacred Woods: photo WISDOM (Author: Ossiane)WISDOMalley of elders
    venerable patriarchs
    way of peace
  • Sacred Woods: photo IMMORTALITY (Author: Ossiane)IMMORTALITYyour trunks so knotted
    time of infinity
    light of eternity
  • Sacred Woods: photo MAESTRO (Author: Ossiane)MAESTROyour sky of scrolls
    your arms of arabesques
    your soul unfolded
  • Sacred Woods: photo CONFIDENCE (Author: Ossiane)CONFIDENCEmuttering forest
    sacred groves whispering their secrets
    message of brightness
  • Sacred Woods: photo OPENING (Author: Ossiane)OPENINGshining path
    end of the tunnel
    ark of momentum
  • Sacred Woods: photo INTIMACY (Author: Ossiane)INTIMACYyou and me
    I'm standing you're arching your back
    our destinies linked
  • Sacred Woods: photo LABYRINTH (Author: Ossiane)LABYRINTHbelly of the night
    lights blooming
    fibers vibrating
  • Sacred Woods: photo PRAYER (Author: Ossiane)PRAYERarches of time
    your trembling bodies imploring the day
    strength for life
  • Sacred Woods: photo BALL (Author: Ossiane)BALLstarry branches
    magical joy
    saraband of summer
  • Sacred Woods: photo COLOSSUS (Author: Ossiane)COLOSSUSking of the forest
    your strengths and weaknesses
    your heart of light
  • Sacred Woods: photo WORK (Author: Ossiane)WORKweave of day and shadow
    I braided your dark sky
    branch link
  • Sacred Woods: photo COMPANIONS (Author: Ossiane)COMPANIONStake my hand
    follow your dreams
    coming with you
  • Sacred Woods: photo TEMPLE (Author: Ossiane)TEMPLEmemory of time
    sacred garden secret garden
    refuge of the heart
  • Sacred Woods: photo ROUND DANCE (Author: Ossiane)ROUND DANCEopening arms
    holding hands
    all together
  • Sacred Woods: photo APPARITION (Author: Ossiane)APPARITIONoutstretched heads
    bellows in the dark night
    wood of cervidae
  • Sacred Woods: photo SPELL (Author: Ossiane)SPELLin the heart of shivering woods
    quivering souls
    voice of the unknown
  • Sacred Woods: photo STAR (Author: Ossiane)STARball of shadows
    hair dancing
    moon coming
  • Sacred Woods: photo CANTILENA (Author: Ossiane)CANTILENAclerestory windows
    light singing
    its freedom
  • Sacred Woods: photo INVITATION (Author: Ossiane)INVITATIONbright roads
    under the shades
    take me
  • Sacred Woods: photo FIGHT (Author: Ossiane)FIGHTalone to fight
    in the bright light
    close protection
  • Sacred Woods: photo COMPASSION (Author: Ossiane)COMPASSIONgentle slope
    rhythm of life beating
    hearts leaning

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